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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth only require removal if they are causing, or are likely to cause, problems. If the tooth is impacted (partially emerged), food may become trapped around the tooth. This can lead to decay, gum disease, cellulitis, abscesses, cysts and benign growths. Antibiotics and antiseptic mouthwash may treat these problems, though removal of the tooth is often necessary.

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Dental Check

A regular check up enables your dentist to find and address current oral health and dental issues, discuss planned treatment and prevent more serious issues from developing. This reduces the risk of expensive or extensive dental treatment.

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Injuries to the teeth, jaw and gums are relatively common in children and their effects can be catastrophic to their proper development. Good habits for use of protective equipment such as a mouthguard should commence as soon as children start participating in organised sport.

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First Visit

Children should attend their first dental check up at the age of 2 years. The initial visit and annual follow up appointments should focus on familiarisation with both the equipment and the dentist in order to build trust. This is recommended until the child is comfortable with the dentist examining and cleaning their teeth.

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Early Dental Problems

Dentist intervention is often easier, faster and less expensive when issues are identified early. Regular examinations including developmental screening are recommended from age 2 onwards.

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